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  2. 4/4/14

    Mom is in our room. She’s sleeping beside me now..



  3. 2 DAYS down. 5 more.


  4. 03-31-14 ROTC

    I was supposed to write this yesterday.

    My March 31 was really awesome. Starting the day, our report wasn’t prepared but we did it really well..I received my PRINMAN Prefinal paper and homework having 3.0 grade! (Yes! So happy because he just always give 2.5 below). We also got our prinac grade that day. My prinac grade is 96% (I don’t know why but I got the highest grade) Thanks, Sir!! :) Lastly, I crossed the street from CSB to LRT then someone called me “REMOQS! REMOQS!” (Wow kilala ko yun ah) Nagkasalubong kami sa kalsada ni Olea! Parang telenobela Haha, she ran back to me and hugged me so tight, “Grabe namiss kita Remoqs” Haha Nagulat ako, even though it was just 2 meetings na walang ROTC, it seems that we didn’t see each other for 10 years! Hahaha. From the moment she shouted “Remoqs” I felt the feelings. I knew it, we’re gonna miss each other. Nung graduation day pa lang, I was joking, Oleaaaa, sweg,sweg. (That’s weird because they barely hear me crack jokes or make fun of myself).Then she hugged me in Graduation day and said “Grabe remoqs, mamimiss kita, CSB ka nga pala” Grabe natouch ako dun. Honestly, di kami laging magkasama na sabay maglunch,umuwi or what. We actually feel awkward with each other. Idk why.Maybe because my vibes is not friendly. I didn’t even greeted her on her birthday. But the competition and training made us, you know, having connection that we’ll be friends.Thank you, Olea. I was really happy seeing you that day and I really felt that we missed each other HAHA. We looked like having some telenobela scene that day. :) You made me even more miss the training days and so thankful that I chose ROTC. 

  5. Made me cry :( Thank you,Ninang and Ninong <3

  6. Aw my profs! Sir Jay, my history prof, I still can’t forget his studio in Tomas Morato where we stay and even sleep! I actually fell asleep in his class one time but he didn’t mind me because I wasn’t feeling well. Aww, I miss.. Then Sir Chi! The prof who plays first before teaches haha. I can still remember that when he became prof in my DIGIP1- I had a picture in his phone holding POGI PASSPORT and he said that he’ll just send it in my fb because his gf will get mad, I was always late on his Business Photography during my last term in Photo anyway haha still got 3.5 :P Then there’s SIr Jun, The old one, HEHE. He’s more on actual shoot outside, so we barely meet on school meetings and he gave us a chance to shoot in NCAA :) And of course my favourite prof, Sir Bravo, I’m still close to him, he said one time to me when in class, “Naging in a relationship ka lang s fb, nakashirt at rubbershoes ka na lang pagpasok” HAHA He’s right. because I dont see any point being attractive to other people lol since I had bf already that time, and we talked in phone one time too and chat. Hayyy I so love my SDA profs.Promise. My good days in college. 

  7. Fujifilm X-M1

    Gandaaaaaa…Haha Can’t trade my 7d for you


  8. "Well-behaved women seldom make history."
    — Laurel Thatcher Ulrich (via observando)



  10. Sana matapos na to ngayon. AGAD. LAHAT.


  11. Sorry doesn’t make-up for everything.

    After all has been said and done, you can never undo the fact that someone has already been hurt. Saying sorry doesn’t make the pain go away. Sure, it may offer a little consolation for the fact that you have toyed with his feelings because you weren’t sure of your own, but it clearly isn’t enough. Saying good bye is hard but staying is hardest.

  12. So cute! haha I didn’t like Amity in the book but I sometimes feel I’m more of Abnegation because ever since, being in service is already in my heart. I really love Amity’s sign tho!


  13. Feels good to see beautiful instagram posts.. Ahhh.. can’t wait for next term’s new phone. Huhu * fingers crossed


  15. That’s why I never want to be in a relationship, so many dramas.